Daniël Haitink

Groningen, the Netherlands · daniel@danielhaitink.nl

My name is Daniël Haitink; a freelance software developer in Groningen, the Netherlands. For the past years, I have been running my company: Lions Den Software. I also work as a data analyst at the province of Groningen.

During my years as freelance developer I have worked on multiple diverse projects. Projects including, but not limited to, automating and predicting stock exchanges, (serious) game development, web development, automating agricultural applications and game porting. If you would like to learn more about my work, please visit the website of my company.

Furthermore, I also occasionally work on open-source software. More information about these projects can be found on my GitHub page.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, remarks, project opportunities or other related matters!


Artificial Intelligence, BSc.

University of Groningen, Groningen
Together with a fellow student and my supervisor, we have published a paper based on my thesis; "Zero-Shot Learning Based Approach For Medieval Word Recognition Using Deep-Learned Features".
2013 - 2018


Data Analyst

As a data analyst, I am creating user-friendly dashboards in PowerBi for the Dutch government. These dashboards give my coworkers and other interested parties insight into the complex data of the province.

2021 - Present

Freelance Software Developer

I have worked on a range of products as freelance developer, projects such as: agricultural automation, (serious) game development, game porting, stock exchange tools, websites and miscellaneous tooling software.

I am currently also working at an educational AI program, created for the Dutch high school system. This program is created for SLO.

2016 - Present


Programming Languages


My interest in the field of linguistics probably originated from my childhood; my mother has been working as a speech therapist for as long as I can remember. Therefore, I am also very interested in linking language and AI. Especially, since it is rather difficult to process language with normal computer programs, whereas AI can be very powerful in this situation.

Cooking is also a big passion of mine; when I have a day off I enjoy serving elaborate dishes, as well as eating them.

I am trying to be very privacy oriented. I prefer open (and encrypted) solutions over (big) corporate owned products. Instead of paying with my user data, I try to pay with my money as much as I can.